My first blog earlier today explained the place that I’m currently in emotionally and mentally.

Here’s a possible flip side…

I’m a MASSIVE beer geek and one of the breweries that I always enjoy drinking is Magic Rock from Huddersfield. Tonight I find myself in Leeds overnight, which is a mere 20 minutes to Huddersfield by train. So I’m off to the Magic Rock Tap for a few beers. Yes, I’m sad that I’m going alone, but I guess one of the advantages of my new found singleness is that I can do more of the things I like to do.

As I’ve sat in the Tap Room for the last 2 hours drinking exceptional beers I’ve had the good fortune to have a beer with the owner talking about his plans for the next year and also a private tasting of their beers with the lead brewer. Not such a bad life then, eh?

Maybe I need to focus more on these moments, the ones in which I’m beginning to define a new me, and dwell less on the past?

Finding My Happy