Yesterday was a better day. The day started off with my eldest son’s school assembly and finished with them both sleeping in their room at my place.

This final point is the important one, the one that I’m hanging onto. The boys stayed with me last night and and for the first time in a week I didn’t feel alone. Their presence here was enough for me.

We sat together and watched the return of The Flash but sadly that’s the only sleepover I get with them this weekend, as obviously they’re back to their mum tonight in time for Mother’s Day tomorrow.

A friend told me yesterday that I need to keep myself busy on those ‘special’ occasions – so tomorrow I’m planning a sumptuous slow cooked beef & ale stew and a double bill at the cinema (London Has Fallen & a second view of Deadpool).

That’s also plenty of additional blog fodder there as I’ll have a good few days until they’re back here again so it should keep me busy. On the plus side I’ve a long run with them next weekend and I’m counting down the seconds.