I’m not going to lie, this weekend has been hard.

Yesterday was one of those days that had been booked for a while – a family trip to the World Track Cycling Championships. It was great to finally get to go into the Lee Valley Velodrome for an event, and was amazing to see the cyclists in action. The boys really enjoyed themselves and I even got to see a hero of mine (Mark Cavendish) in action.


It was later on that things got tough though. After the cycling the boys took their mum for a meal ahead of Mother’s Day today and then we all headed home. Leaving the boys with their mum, I found myself breaking down in the car on the way home. This continued all evening and despite applying copious amounts of alcohol to the area, I was still sobbing when I eventually went to bed.

Waking up alone on the first ‘significant’ day was hard (and not helped by a hangover). I know my boys would do me proud and look after their mum today (and they have) but my day has been very lonely.

I’ve just come out of watching ‘London Has Fallen’ (which was terrible) and I’m just biding my time with a coffee until I head in to see Deadpool (again). Keeping myself busy is good, but I know I’m going back to an empty house again tonight and despite the lure of the slow cooked beef & ale stew, I know tonight will be another tough one.

Only 4 days until I see my boys again…