Today was a fairly standard day. Up, coffee, walk to station, coffee, commute, moan about Brewdog’s latest stunt, commute, chat, coffee, meeting. 

The meeting. Ah yes. Some chatter, catch up, suggestion of job losses and restructure, more chatter, WOAH, hang on. Back track a little. Yup, impending (unmentioned) restructure. Great, something else to factor into my already crappy life.

After work I headed to the Irish Embassy where, having been invited by the Ambassador and the Irish Food Board I had an evening of sampling Irish Craft Beer ahead of me.

All very well and good. Until I nipped to the loo in the basement, alone, and thought “ah, back to an empty house tonight” 19:07. I clocked the time.

Back to the party for a few more beers and chat, and time spent with my beer writing friend Justin before heading back across London, a swift half at Liverpool Street and then the journey home.

Home. An empty place filled with, well nothing. What makes it home? A great selection of take out beers?
Only time will tell I guess…