‘Thoughts’ will be my attempt at reviewing ‘stuff’. Now, I can write about beer and interviews but I’ve never really reviewed stuff. This should be interesting then…

Legends of Tomorrow landed on Sky 1 a couple of weeks ago, the much anticipated DC Comics assemble series featuring a series of bit part players from both The Arrow and Flash series.

So what have we got? ‘Rip Hunter’ the ‘time master’ played by former Dr Who companion Arthur Darvill (no the irony wasn’t lost on me either) pulls together a bunch of “people who won’t affect the timeline if they die” to battle time travelling bad egg Vandal Savage across the ages.

There’s possibly a bit more to it than that but there’s also possibly a lot of people who are able to do the premise of the show more justice than me.

But was it any good? I watched it with my boys, both of who are massive fans of Flash but will happily take or leave (mostly the latter) The Arrow. We enjoyed it, there was enough mindless nothingness to not have to follow things too closely and the effects were about what you’d expect from a TV series. Let’s be honest, if your expecting a repeat of Avengers Assemble, you’re probably better off just putting that disc in and watching it again.

The interesting thing will be if they are able to make each episode different enough to keep you engaged each week. There’s only so many “let’s jump through time, jerk around a bit and complete the missions” I think I could watch before I start to get a little bored.

Plus, we wanna see Flash and The Arrow in it from time to time, obviously.

Catch Legends of Tomorrow on Sky 1 every Thursday at 8pm on or catch up TV