Chad Kroeger has a lot to answer for, although it would be harsh to blame him for my current situation.
London. The place where I grew up, the place where for most of my working life I’ve plied my trade and also the place where I first met my ex.

The latter point is the focus of this post as London has become a constant reminder of things that once were.

We had many of our early dates in London and as time went on other trips and visits both as a couple and then in time with the boys. The last anniversary we actually recognised we celebrated in London. Therefore there are lots of reminders and as I found myself walking along the embankment last night it seemed every building, every landmark was serving as a stark reminder of what was.

I believe this is partly the reason why I’ve lost a lot of my motivation at work. Working in London is a reminder of everything that is crappy with my life right now.

But I need to move past that, my walk along the embankment last night was serving a purpose as I was heading to The Rake in Borough Market for an Irish Tap Takeover to celebrate St Paddy’s Day.

The Rake was where I first discovered how good beer can beer, it’s a place where there is no memory of my ex attached and where I’ve had many a good night with friends. I never left there sober, last night was no exception and for a few hours at least, I could forget about Chad Kroeger.

Sam Black from Blacks of Kinsale Brewery (and me)