It’s been pretty good, thanks for asking. On Friday morning I wrote about how I was feeling pretty positive about the weekend ahead, which is an extension of me questioning whether I’m beginning the healing process. Part of me feels guilty for feeling ok, like I should be hurting all of the time but part of me feels ok right now. Here’s why… 

A nice trip to Colchester Zoo with my boys and the ex on Friday, the weather was great, we were all getting on, and it felt like a new normal. 

Photo courtesy of my son, who’s pictures are better than mine

I followed this up with a couple* of beers with an existing friend and (hopefully) a new one in Colchester. Both Martin & Michelle enjoy a beer, are easy to talk to, made me laugh and smile so much and also reminded me that things will get better for me. I’m grateful to those guys for making me see there will be a silver lining.

Saturday brought a hangover and a trip to Norwich with some of the guys from the bottle share that I’m involved in. Despite Greater Anglia’s best efforts to stop us from getting there (take your pick from their excuses), we eventually set of and following the few (compulsory) train beers arrived in Norwich just after lunch time. 

First stop was Virtuoso (also called something else but I couldn’t understand anyone) which was a 10 minute ** walk from the station. Seemed sensible to start with a 8.3% DIPA from Newcastle which was a little murky and (apparently I later found out) possibly past its best. Something to follow? Why not, and I went for a local brew, West Coast Pale from Redwell which was sherbety and refreshing and exactly what I needed. From here a short cab journey*** to The Fat Cat (apparently a very popular name for pubs in Norwich) for a round of beers that were far from what we wanted and to dull to mention. Another short walk to The Reindeer to meet up with local beer legend Nate and a couple of really decent dark beers before heading back into town.

Next up was The Mash Tun where the beer of choice was another a Redwell brew, their Pils which was being pulled through a randal infused with lemongrass and chilli. Refreshing with a slight burn on the finish but exactly what was needed as a pit stop.

Onto The Plough which was our first (and only) tap room of the day and home to Grain Brewery beers where I enjoyed another incredibly refreshing pale ale in their simply titled ‘pale’ before a bit of a detour from the main drag to hit up The Plasterers Arms for by far the biggest selection of beer so far and also some pretty amazing pizza. There was somewhere else after this (clearly memorable) before we finished at The Norwich Taphouse where I enjoyed Blacks of Kinsale’s ‘Model T’ stout on keg which was a welcome refresher. An amazing end to a great day in Norwich with friends.

Waking up on Sunday with less of a hangover than I imagined was a godsend and with my boys arriving for a few days after breakfast I had loads to look forward to. Spending the day geeking out with them on the sofa, catching up with The Flash and finishing by watching Back to the Future was a moment for some reflection on just how good the weekend has been. I’ve had pretty much the best of everything, and that’s making me revaluation about how I feel about life right now.

To finish the weekend, there’s been a trip to Base Jump which is a pretty impressive space in Rayleigh, Essex, full of trampolines and other such activities. This is the future of active children’s entertainment and allows my boys to have a good time and me to enjoy a coffee! Tonight will bring the recording of this week’s podcast which is a pretty great way to end a long weekend.

I’ve got a couple of days on my own now, and my spirits are lifted to the point where I’m currently not so worried about it. I’ve got enough to keep me busy and will be throwing in a trip to see Batman vs Superman so it can’t all be bad can it?

* It was more than we had planned
** Closer to 15. And mostly uphill.
*** Leaving a driver with a story about how he picked up a group of twatty Essex lads to share with his friends