Today has been amazing.

I’ve been with my eldest on his own all weekend as my youngest is off on his first rugby tour, so I wanted to do stuff that I know he likes doing. 

The sun was out and it’s been warm, early hints of summer were in the air. We decided we wanted to go for a bike ride in Maldon, in particular there’s a dirt track in Promenade Park he wanted to ride. So having parked up in the local superstore we then had a lovely ride along the quayside and through the park to the track.


After this we decided to make the most of the beautiful weather and combine the day’s riding with another of our interests, geocaching. There’s a few outstanding caches in Maldon that we wanted to get and being on the bikes enables us a bit more flexibility to grab them. 

Upon riding back to the car, the weather was still with us and we decided rather than head home to make the most of the day. So a quick visit to the superstore and one impromptu picnic later we we ready to go again. A 3km ride along the river to Heybridge Basin followed where we enjoyed a well earned ice cream before making the ride back.

Today’s really been one of those days to appreciate the simple things and to also make the most of them.