Today was fun. It was my son’s 11th birthday yesterday and to celebrate he wanted to take a trip to London. The trip included a visit to Up At The O2 and also to The Shard.

Now I’m far from a fan of heights and he ‘selected’ me to accompany him over the O2. We checked in at the appointed time and after watching a short safety video we put on special shoes and safety harnesses. 

A final safety check, a couple of flights of stairs, the obligatory pose for the souvenir photograph, one final safety briefing and we were off.

Harnessed to a wire all of the time, our guide Sofia was friendly and knowledgeable. She was also reassuring as there was a slight wobble from our group as we started our ascent up the trampoline-like walkway. It really was the strangest of feelings as we bounced our way up one of London’s most iconic landmarks.

20 minutes later and we arrived at the top for some pretty stunning views.

The descent was just as thrilling as this time we bounced our way face down to the end and the compulsory exit via the gift shop. Although that being said the gift shop was very reasonably priced for a London attraction.

A short tube journey brought us to the next destination on the magical vertical tour, The Shard.

Two (very) quick lifts had us on the 68th floor in less than 2 minutes of walking through the airport-style security. It was a hazy day but even so the views from up here were magnificent. 

A couple of flights of stairs and we were (kind of) outside at the highest point that you can visit as a paying member of the public (only the window cleaners can go higher).

So, a day conquering my fears and one which my son thoroughly enjoyed and will give him many talking points with his friends. 

Tickets for Up At The O2 are available here and for The View from The Shard here. One point to note, children go free at The Shard during May 2016 half term.