Spending a few days in the open, sitting in the evening air chatting with friends and sleeping under the stars. 

I love camping and so do my boys. It’s something they’ve done since they were very small (youngest was 9 months old the first time he went) and something that I try to do at least once a year.

This year were returned to Forest Camping in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk. A medium sized site set in the middle of the picturesque and ever changing forest, the site is perfect for the boys as the minute the tent is up they’re off in the forest building dens and creating tribes. It’s a fairly quiet site (even when busy) and obviously the locals are fairly used to having humans around.

Access to the forest is easy from the site, and there are a number of walking and cycling trails around the forest that are well signposted and allow you to take in the best of the forest. The UFO trail is a must as is tells the story of the 1980 UFO sighting and for those who enjoy geocaching there are plenty to find.

No camping trip would be complete without an obligatory shot of the tankard and the beer of the trip, which this time was Galway Bay Brewery’s ‘Diving Bell’, a salted caramel wee heavy that pulls off the salted caramel flavour perfectly and finishes with sticky, thick boozy feel.

Only downside of a camping trip is getting all the stuff back into the car at the end. Here’s to next time!

Forest Camping information and bookings here